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Roof Replacement

Establishing the Need for Roof Replacement in Frederick, MD

Your roof can have hidden damage you cannot see, but our roofing contractor can discover it. This is because we not only look for obvious signs of damage but look for subtle signs that are easy to miss and are often found inside. The knowledge and experience we have from more than 20 years in the business are just a few of the reasons you can count on Brick Street Construction for roof replacement in Frederick, MD.

Our remodeling company specializes in home improvements that call for everything from bathroom remodeling to kitchen renovations to basement upgrades, as well as skilled roofing services. We’ve built a team of skilled professionals who provide quality workmanship consistently and efficiently. Reach out to us for a roof replacement quote.

Pointing Out Obvious Signs & Looking for Hidden Ones

Roofing Frederick

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell you need a new roof. A recent storm may have dropped a tree atop your house, or it’s nearing the end of its working life. Or, there may be water leaks with puddles and stains. However, we look for signs above and below to reveal the truth.

Of course, we go up on top to see the condition, but we also look inside your house. Located right underneath the roof, the attic often tells the story of its condition. You may see stains from water leaks on the ceiling, walls, and floors. Sometimes, you can even see daylight from holes in the roof itself.

Let us provide you with a thorough and honest evaluation and offer you the right solution for your house and budget. If roof installation is necessary, we tell you this and show you why. If repair is the answer, our crew can do that, too. You can rely on us to offer sound advice and competitive prices.

Putting Our Customers First

Rest assured we have built our business over the years by looking out for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service. In a very real way, our company and all of our employees work for you. You’re the one we need to please. It’s your high standards that we uphold on a daily basis.

Clearly, it’s our first priority to ensure your complete satisfaction with roof replacement. We want you to be happy with our work and return to us when you need roofing services in the future. Our crew would be happy to hear you praise our work to your family, neighbors, and friends. Our reward is your approval and repeat business.

Contact us today to inspect your roof and let you know if replacement or repair is the answer. We proudly serve customers in Leesburg, Virginia; Martinsburg, Charles Town, and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia; and Frederick and Hagerstown, Maryland.